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Natural Vegan Dish Bar Soap - Basil Flavor

Natural Vegan Dish Bar Soap - Basil Flavor

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Basil Vegan Dish Bar

Did you know simply by using ingredients found directly from earth, you can clean your pots and pans toxin-free? Infused with the wisdom of Ayurvedic principles, a combination of coconut oil as a fantastic natural cleanser, soapberry as a natural detergent, lemon as a natural antiseptic, and tamarind for a natural shine with a touch of holy basil- our vegan dish bars bring a touch of nature to your daily kitchen routine proving effective not only for pots & pans but also for your kitchen sink making them antibacterial and septic safe too. 

100% natural and effective. Try this soap out and you will naturally enjoy doing the dishes. Specially formulated adopting ancient recipes in India, eradicates grease and grime in a jiffy. The natural ingredients are specifically hand-picked in specific proportions to create this miracle washing bar.

These Dish Wash Bar soaps are a perfect solution to lead a zero-waste, plastic-free non-toxic minimalist living. This tiny bar replaces an entire jar of liquid dish soaps found in marketplaces and to top it all, it also uses very less water. And a tiny amount goes a long way in generating huge amounts of suds.

These 5.7 oz bars last a LONG time. It is recommended to get a dishwash soap dish that will drain water easily so the soap is not moist all the time.
Pair it with our bamboo soap dish.

Ingredients: Soapberry, shikakai, tamarind, lemon peel, coconut oil, and wood ash

Wet sponge or scrubber and rub dish soap very gently to create a lather. Just a tiny rub on the soap is more than sufficient for your pans. Wash pots/pans and rinse well. Works like a charm in warm or cold water and the best part it uses very very less water.


They have the refreshing smell of holy basil. You will fall in love to do your dishes.

Soap nuts - nature’s gentle and effective cleanser, orange peels provide anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, Tamarind leaves provide the shine and sparkle due to its acidity and Shikaki ( the ancient herb) cleans, disinfects, and removes all tough grease and grime in a jiffy.


Natures gentle and effective cleanser





Cleans, disinfects and removes oil very easily. Shikakai or Acacia Concinna is, a traditional Indian herb used for cleansing the hair used for many many centuries and is very effective natural cleanser.




Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property


Wood Ash

Helps provide the sparkle in dishes due to its acidic nature

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Raji Swamy
Love the dish bar soap!

I love this environmentally friendly & chemical free soap! Worked great on the dishes & my skin too while hand washing!! Highly recommended this product & range of products at PureMitti!!

★★★★★ (34)