Collection: Cotton/Linen Reusable bag

Reducing single-use plastic and toxin waste has been our mission since we started Pure Mitti. For eons we have been destroying the planet with toxins, plastics. The commercial industry has destroyed the habitat for many beings putting the needs of humanity more important than their own…

One of the most overwhelming aspects of modern life, is knowing about major global-impact issues like climate change and plastic waste pollution and feeling like there isn't much that I can do to really change things. Hence we brought about a change that will help us move the needle towards progress when it comes to single use plastic usage. 

We looked at our modern day daily needs and tried to create innovative durable long lasting solution to replace the usage of single use plastic waste. 

We partner with more than 120+ women in the rural women cooperatives to give them business opportunities to stand on their own feet. Women participating in this program are building a community of farmers and business entrepreneurs to revitalize their village. These women help design and manufacture our Pure Mitti zero waste lifestyle solution and also help source the our ancient ingredients from riverbeds and wild forests for our skincare and haircare line.