Bringing ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to modern-day life for our daily needs.

We help to address plastic pollution and believe that the future of humanity is dependent on the health of our Earth. 🌏

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Why choose Pure Mitti

  • 100% Organic

    We source the freshest ingredients only from farms who grow their plants and herbs that are native  to their land staying true to the ingredients efficacy and purity. We use only the freshest natural Ayurvedic herbs in all our products and avoid derived ingredients. Mother nature has so much to offer in its natural state - why settle for anything less?

  • Bringing ancient wisdom to modern life

    We believe in the power of ancient Ayurvedic ingredients, remedies and practices to improve health and wellness and strive hard to make these solutions more accessible and convenient for modern consumers. One-stop-shop for 100% natural, Ayurveda-inspired skincare, haircare, lifestyle, and home cleaning products.

  • Fairly Traded

    Pure Mitti sources Ayurvedic ingredients from farmers in developing countries, not only staying true to its purity but also giving back to the farming community. Every purchase goes towards environmental conservation and sustainability.

And the impact so far

And the impact we’ve made so far is remarkable – we’ve replaced over 40,786 pounds of plastic waste, 978,300 plastic bottles avoided, 3,328,000 plastic bags avoided with our organic-certified totes.

Enter the ancient Ayurveda into digital world thru Pure Mitti Metaverse.