Our Goals

Our goal is to help people and the planet by encouraging a sustainable, non-toxic, non-plastic
lifestyle, while helping the disadvantaged. When you buy a product from Pure Mitti, you don't just make
a difference to the planet, you make a difference to lives.

For several decades now, we have lost sight of our evolutionary potential by focussing on gratification in the now failing to see how unified in nature every atom on this planet is. Pure Mitti is an initiative to return back to the roots, to pure earth. We lead by leading a zero waste toxin free lifestyle and present to the world the abundance of diverse ingredients available in nature to solve our needs.

Pure Mitti is a movement for sustainable living as much as it is a social initiative for the upliftment of artistically inclined, underserved individuals and communities around the world. We strive to nurture the artistic talent of these disadvantaged communities by providing a platform and enabling their financially independence. In doing so, we help revive and support ancient traditions and culture, while creating a social impact by contributing to the empowerment of women and rural upliftment.

Because every product has its own life its own breath and its own story behind its origin and the way it came to existence, PureMitti is more than just a store. We consciously creative ethical ways of living styles and alternatives that are bound to last and make this planet last. Every product generates income and uplifts the living conditions of someone undeserving on this planet. Would you also like to be a part of this movement?