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Pure Mitti

Organic Ayurvedic Neem Face and Body Soap

Organic Ayurvedic Neem Face and Body Soap

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Skin Cleansing, Exfoliate, Anti-bacterial

This Ayurvedic Neem soap skin Cleansing, Exfoliate, and Anti-bacterial, is native to India & SE Asia, also coined as a ‘Yogi soap’, Neem is one of the ancient medicinal plants on the planet and has been used for eons to soothe the skin. 

These simple two-ingredient coconut oil-rich bath bars are both deep cleansing and heavily moisturizing. Neem is a champion virus and bacteria killer and it’s got your back. Organic virgin coconut oil harvested from farm fresh coconuts is loaded with nourishing fats, antioxidants, and vitamins. Great for sensitive skin, especially for ones suffering from eczema and psoriasis.

Ingredients used in this Neem Soap:

Saponified Oils of Coconut, Castor, Fresh Neem herbs

Size- 4.5 oz bars.

Benefits of Neem Oil Soap:

  • Smooth & soft leaves no residue
  • Stress reliever 
  • Great for all skin types and acts as a sanitizing agent

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What’s wrong with commercially produced soaps? Nasty chemicals, harsh preservatives, cancer-causing carcinogens, and toxic environmental pollutants. Do you want that anywhere near your body? If that expensive, heavenly-smelling bar of soap or body wash you picked up has a long list of ingredients that are difficult to pronounce or need a degree in chemistry to figure out, then it’s a safe bet to stay away from it. Try this organic Ayurveda Neem Soap.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Worked like magic on folliculitis

This might be TMI, but a client of mine had red folliculitis with pus all over the buttocks for years, and this neem soap cleared it up in a week of daily use in the shower. Both the redness and pus went away. The soap has a slightly gritty feel, so it’s a little exfoliating, but the neem is so anti-inflammatory that it keeps it from getting irritated. What a win!


The neem soap is unique for its lather and exfoliating properties combined in a single bar. I absolutely love this soap!!! After just one use my skin was incredibly soft and you just can't wait to use it again. I've had my family members try it out and they too could notice the difference. I have sensitive skin and allergies to many of the artificial fragrances included in many soaps. This neem soap is gentle and pure and in my opinion a product that stands true to the quality standards stated by the company. A wonderful product that will become part of my bath regimen from now on!!!!!

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