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Hi! I'm Suniti -- founder of Pure Mitti and a mom of 11-year-old twins, an ex globe trotting ad executiveI created Pure Mitti to enlighten people on ways to build a toxic free lifestyle by exposing them to ancient sustainable methods and products for you and your family while also contributing to a better planet. After months seeking products that weren’t harming our bodies or the environment, I knew I had to find a way to make this process more efficient, educational, and joyful. Now, I design products that make me and my family feel good, on the inside and outside! I built meaningful relationships directly with small-scale farmers to source the highest quality ingredients and support their organic farming practices. I hope you feel happy that every time you shop with Pure Mitti, your purchase is not only better for you, but also better for people and our planet!

Why I started?

Tryst with corporate In my x year career as an Ad executive with National Geographic, Fox News, and CBS network, I saw firsthand the critical statistics and shocking live footage of just how we’ve ravaged mother Earth. The stark reality of our planet’s health became even more of an urgent issue, when I realised how adversely it impacts our world’s most undeserved communities.

As a Mother
Harsh Realities

I spent months researching how to live a natural lifestyle and started realizing how many unnecessary and toxic ingredients go into the products we use everyday. The more I learned, the more appalling it all became. To top it all, I’d see countless natural lifestyle companies selling toxin-free products which still contained SLS, or claiming to minimize their environmental impact but using plastic. The so-called “green” market is ridden with unethical practices, greenwashing, and unsustainable packaging.

As a mom, I knew I had to set a better example for my kids. It is easy to get caught up in our busy schedules, but it felt vital to build a more sustainable lifestyle and care for our planet as a family. I wanted my twins to feel deeply connected with nature, and to our larger community. The learning had to begin with me.

I strive to get today’s world back in touch with the ancient methods. My products are created using ayurvedic knowledge and methods, adapting them to a modern living. What if there was a way to live completely plastic and toxin-free, and provide fair-trade wages directly to the farmers and artisans? And how could I do this all within my budget, while living in the fast-paced New York City? Here was born the idea of Pure Mitti - everyday organic products for the home and family, that are actually good for people, our planet, and your pocket!

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