Pure Mitti Lifestyle

When we say #zerowaste we mean it. Reducing single use plastic and toxin waste has been our mission since we started Pure Mitti.

One of the most overwhelming aspects of modern life, is knowing about major global-impact issues like climate change and plastic waste pollution and feeling like there isn't much that I can do to really change things. Hence we brought about a change that will help us move the needle towards progress when it comes to single use plastic usage.

We looked at our modern day daily needs and tried to create innovative durable long lasting solution to replace the usage of single use plastic waste.

We have done studies to estimate that 767 single use plastic bags are replaced by using one Pure Mitti reusable bag for one year per user.

We use 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging. Not only does it look and feel beautiful, but it’s also way better for our planet. Our zero-waste policy ensures that every material we use is completely biodegradable. So you can feel extra good when you compost whatever you don’t use.

 What we take from earth, we offer back.