About Us

Pure Mitti- a social enterprise focussed on imparting zero waste solutions and rural upliftment. Our focus to help humanity lead a non toxic lifestyle at the same time reducing single-use plastic usage by bringing to light 100% natural homecare & personal care products made of simplistic ancient recipes soaked in ayurvedic traditions. We are a one stop shop for personal care and home care essentials enabling people to lead a zero-waste natural lifestyle. 


At Pure Mitti, our mission is two-fold: 

  To raise awareness on how to lead a sustainable and non-toxic lifestyle.


 To create products which make leading this life as easy and affordable as possible.



Why is the use of toxic home and personal care products so normalized in our society?


Why do governments allow and companies continue to peddle us harmful substances with which to clean our homes and our bodies, despite knowing how bad it is for our health and our planet?


Why do we, who are privileged enough to be aware, continue to accept this gross injustice they do us in the name of profit?


One day I realized that I won’t accept it anymore. That I will play an active part in creating the world I want to live in. It’s my belief that business can be a force of good if we let it. That it’s possible to run a company that doesn’t harm the earth in any way while creating products that people love to use. Products which don’t pollute or cause diseases but instead nourish and uplift. That ethical, organic and zero waste aren’t just trendy buzzwords.




They’re principles to live by.

Pure Mitti (which translates to Pure Earth) is a culmination of that dream of mine.

 Our mission is to raise awareness and to create sustainable products. 



How we achieve this? 



1. By keeping Earth at the centre of everything we do.


Mama earth is our first and foremost priority. We do not do anything that will hurt or pain her. We steer clear of palm oil for which endangered rainforests are mowed down around the world. We do not use any plastic in our manufacturing or packaging process. Our locally sourced, freshly picked ingredients are 100 percent natural, organic and non-toxic.

2. By raising up the people who work with us


The rural artisans who handcraft your products are lifting 

themselves out of generational poverty thanks to your generosity. These are indigenous communities who lived off the land for centuries. But due to the ways of modern society, such harmonious living with nature is no longer possible for them.

We only partner with rural self help groups to uplift their economic well being and resume a livelihood that takes them back to nature. And together we’re able to recreate ancient beauty and home care recipes which are as effective as they’re eco-friendly.

3. Sustainably sourced  


All our ingredients are locally and sustainably sourced – either through organic farming or through foraging in wild, virgin forests. Organic farming nourishes the top soil and doesn’t allow the use of any harmful pesticides. Our indigenous communities roam the nearby forests to gather ingredients which are replete with nature’s goodness. It’s a way of life they’ve been practicing for eons; indeed, which societies and civilizations had been practicing before industrialization took over.

4. Trash free packaging 


When we say we’re zero waste, we mean it. We are pained at the way the world keeps heaping trash in landfills, in oceans and in our streets. We don’t intend to add to that.

We may not be living in a circular economy yet, but life with Pure Mitti is all about circular living. Our products come in reusable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Reuse those glass jars once you’ve used up what’s inside of it. Our labels are made with recycled paper which you can compost at home or drop off at your nearest composting centre. If you want to that is.

Pure Mitti sustainable packaging

5. Natural ingredients only


Conventional ingredient labels freak us out. Carcinogens, toxic chemicals, additives, emulsifiers, etc. Warnings screaming not to ingest and to keep away from pets. If it’s so bad for us, why are we made to use it in the first place?

Pure Mitti products are made with simple, organic ingredients that come straight from forests and farms. Simple wholesome ingredients loaded with nature’s beautifying and purifying properties. Natural, non-toxic and organic. Why have poison in your environment when eco-friendly alternatives are so easily available?

6. Every product has a story to tell


Once upon a time, natural and sustainably sourced products were all people used. Ancient civilizations across the world, from Greece, Rome and Persia to India and Egypt relied on the power of plants to look beautiful, cure ailments and clean their homes. All our products are based on these ancient recipes. We believe that going back to roots is the right way to move forward. Take inspiration from the holistic and eco-friendly ways of the past to move forward towards our dream green future.

When you use any of our brands Ayurvedic hair oil or coconut oil soaps, do so knowing that an Indian princess or an Egyptian queen used the same beauty regimen as you do now!


And who am I?




I’m Suniti Ramanujam. In another life I was a globetrotting advertising executive, previously working for top media companies like National Geographic, Fox and CBS networks. In this one I am a committed ecowarrior who views business as an effective method of spreading the message of no toxic no plastic living. I take inspiration from my Indian heritage and my American values when it comes to running my company. All of Pure Mitti’s products are rooted in the ancient philosophies of Ayurveda and holistic wellness.

I invite you to join me on this madcap journey of trying to live a green and sustainable life in this madcap world. Together let’s create a community of earth-loving souls committed to living eco-friendly lives. Are you game?