Ratanjot also called Alkanet Root. It is an ancient Ayurveda herb that is used in hair care, skincare, and even in recipes as a food colour.
Since ancient times, Ratanjot has been used as a wound-healing medicine. The presence of alkannins in the ratanjot helps to heal wounds naturally. Ratanjot extracts have been added in some ointments, which are useful to treat skin burns. Using ratanjot in our skincare helps us to prevent free radical damage. As it releases its dye into the oil and using it for external applications like lip care or face pack helps us to prevent premature aging of our skin.

Ratanjot’s benefits for the skin are renowned. From fungal infections such as ringworm and eczema to anti-ageing properties and skin cuts and burns, Ratanjot is a miraculous herb that treats skin issues from the inside out.