Pure Living Conversation with a Yogi

It’s no secret that conscious living, holistic health, plant-based nutrition and a deep connection with nature are things I am obsessed with. These are pillars of my own life and the driving force behind my startup pure Mitti. My own yoga journey has opened up layers of the world I was blind to before. By traveling deep inward, I saw clearly for the first time the intrinsic relationship shared by each and every organism that calls this planet home. Once the epiphanies of yoga hit home, I could no longer go back to my erstwhile life as an advertising executive. I had found a new calling.

On Sunday we celebrate World Yoga Day. That’s why this week I’m exploring the beauty and greatness of yoga on @puremitti. I invite you to join me, ask questions, share thoughts and feedback and partake together in this celebration of life and consciousness.

Join my live conversation with @yogavaram on Friday, 19th June, 2020 at 11 am EST.