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I just got my bag and it feels SO sturdy and nice. There are four handles, two long and two short, which was a very pleasant surprise. The pockets have enough room while also leaving space in the center of the bag.

Amazing products!!

I have been using the Herbal Hair Wash along with the Moringa Ayurvedic hair mask regularly now for the past few months and I am definitely seeing improvement in my hair. I had been experiencing hair fall and dry, brittle hair. I started using the Pure Mitti hair care products - and started seeing reduced hair fall very soon. In addition, my hair is no longer dry and brittle. Be patient and consistent with your usage and you will see results.

Tulsi is my favorite!

I love the Tulsi soaps. The fragrance brings back memories of my maternal grandmother’s home in the village. And my skin loves it!

Great bags!

I love a well-made, elegant bag. Even better: the Pure Mitti bags have two sets of handles and organization pouches for groceries. I'm delighted with them!

Incredible quality and love the scent.

I was looking for something handmade and organic and this turmeric soap was perfect. 5/5 Stars. Excited to order again!

I purchased two of the market bags several years ago and I am still using them. I was surprised at the quality. They are made of nice heavy duty materials. I take them to the farmers market. They hold so many items and because of the compartments I can keep all my items separate. They are so well made I don’t have to worry about the weight. They also wash up and dry like new. Great bags!

The soap is great and it leaves my skin feeling very soft. Wondering if you would ever consider making a blend of vetiver and bergamot? Those 2 are my favorite blends of essential oils in general.

Amazing quality

The hair mask worked wonders as a conditioner. Left my hair feeling soft and shiny. The quality was also great. You could smell the herbs. I followed the instructions as specified and it was easy to put it on. Does require a thorough rinse to make sure the mask isn’t stuck to the hair.

Fantastic lip balm

I am very fussy when it comes to lip balms since they don’t stay very long on my dry lips. When I tried the orangejot lip balm, I was thrilled that it met all my criteria for what a lip balm should be. It stayed on for more time and kept my dry lips hydrated. The smell was so good and natural and it spreads very smoothly. All in all, I love this lip balm and there is no going back to anything else.

Hibiscus Soap - Hand Made Moisturising Bar Soap
Arathi Narasimhan
Great Product!

This is the first time I am trying puremitti products and I truly love it! The natural fragrance of the soap (Hibiscus and Tulsi) is very soothing and is also very soft on the skin. Highly recommend the products. Great job puremitti!!

Love the dish bar soap!

I love this environmentally friendly & chemical free soap! Worked great on the dishes & my skin too while hand washing!! Highly recommended this product & range of products at PureMitti!!

Soap Bar which actually works !! Worth it

I just started using these products and these are the best, truly natural hair and skin care products. Turmeric soap bar is really good; it’s like applying “uptan”. I noticed difference within few days. My skin feels softer with more glow and no breakouts/ dark spots.
After spending so much money in past few years looking for right skin care products, I am so glad that I finally found this.

Tulsi Soap

I really like this soap since I love Tulsi and its chemical free. Bathing with it, I feel I'm in a cocoon of very nice, positive energy:-) It has a gentle natural fragrance, creates enough lather and I don't have to use face wash separately if I use this soap.

Magnificent bag

I received two of these bags and am absolutely delighted with the workmanship and quality of both. Terrific to take shopping with me, I love them

The perfect bag. I’m obsessed.

I highly recommend PureMitti’s cotton reusable shopping bag. The quality of the fabric, construction, and thoughtful design are unmatched. I especially appreciate the fact that it has both shoulder straps, and carrying handles! Another great feature is the interior pockets; I am able to fit many items in this bag. I have ordered many and will be using them every time I shop, and for other outings as well, as it is such a versatile bag. I have given away all of my previous reusable bags and will only be using these. Thank you for putting so much thought and effort into these bags!

For the mom beginning her non toxic journey

Arappu and Shikakai powder

I have used the Arappu and Shikakai powders from Pure Mitti. No glitches in shipping from the US to the UK. Very content with the quality. Would highly recommend.

Easy way to nourish your hair

I loved this hair pack! It is so easy to use and provides great nourishment! Hair looks soft and shiny after it’s use! I try to use it weekly once

Moringa pack- a great product

I used the moringa hair pack yday. This is my third time and I probably used the right quantity after calibrating based on previous usage. I love how easy it is to apply & the instant coolness it provides to the body. It does not lump up unlike other herbal products I have used. It is also easy to wash off and the softness can be felt as I am washing it off. 2 days after using it also the hair is fragrant and soft. Great product 👍🏾

Natural Handmade Dish Wash Bar Soap | Solid Dish Soap | Zero Waste Dish Washing Block Soap
Amy Gabel
Favorite product

Lathers nicely. Gentle on hands. Rinses much better than other bars I’ve tried. Very light scent which I appreciate. Doesn’t bother my asthma and allergies. Love!

Natural Moringa Lemongrass Soap
Sushma halthore
Pure Bliss !!

Moringa lemon grass bar is a true delight .
Puremitti has outdone itself and created their best product thus far .
This bar is very luxurious , lathers amazing does not dry the skin and the scent is so divine , just love this bar !!!

Perfect go-to lip balm!

Love this oranjot balm! It smells delicious, goes on smoothly, and has just enough color to keep my lips looking fresh and natural. Also love that it comes in a tin instead of a stick. More environmentally friendly, and I can use all of the product that way!

Incredible soap!

I have extreme dry skin condition. This soap has done wonders, It is an excellent moisturizer and the scent is soothing and relaxing. I have taken a shower with this soap several times and I don't need lotion anymore! Even my clothes feel good on my skin again. I highly recommend this soap for people who have sensitive skin. Thank you for making this soap!.

Hibiscus Soap - Hand Made Moisturising Bar Soap
Vinila Yarlagadda
Amazing Products!

Loved all the products I have ordered esp the soaps. Turmeric and Hibiscus ones are my all time favs!
The Hibiscus ones leaves my skin extremely soft and supple! No need for slathering moisturizer after a bath.

Love it!

Been using the Vetiver Detox bars for a few weeks now and love the way my skin feels - absolutely soft and nourished! Thank you Pure Mitti for these eco friendly, sustainable line of products. Love the fact that we have access to these amazing products that are not just gentle to skin but also kind to mother earth!