Our Brand Story

I created Pure Mitti to enlighten people on ways to build a toxic free lifestyle by exposing them to ancient sustainable methods and products for you and your family while also contributing to a better planet. After months seeking products that weren’t harming our bodies or the environment, I knew I had to find a way to make this process more efficient, educational, and joyful. Now, I design products that make me and my family feel good, on the inside and outside!

I built meaningful relationships directly with small-scale farmers to source the highest quality ingredients and support their organic farming practices. I hope you feel happy that every time you shop with Pure Mitti, your purchase is not only better for you, but also better for people and our planet!  I strive to get today’s world back in touch with the ancient methods. My products are created using ayurvedic knowledge and methods, adapting them to a modern living. What if there was a way to live completely plastic and toxin-free, and provide fair-trade wages directly to the farmers and artisans? And how could I do this all within my budget, while living in the fast-paced New York City? Here was born the idea of Pure Mitti - everyday organic products for the home and family, that are actually good for people, our planet, and your pocket!