Celebrate Navratri with Devi - Sept 26- Oct 4th

Make the most of these powerful nine nights of the Divine Feminine with a simple yet powerful Navratri Sadhana


“Linga Bhairavi is feminine – you have to woo her. You must approach her with a sense of offering.” —Sadhguru 



Navratri sadhana with Pure Mitti


Why you should do Navratri Sadhana? 
  • Deepen your bond with Linga Bhairavi Devi
  • Seek Devi’s grace and experience Devi’s exuberance
  • Create wellbeing for yourself and your family
  • Create an exuberant atmosphere within and around you


Click here to understand the significance of navratri  and why in Indian culture we celebrate all the aspects of devi these 9 days. 

A Devi yantra is a powerful energy form that is designed and structured in such a way that it enhances certain dimensions of your life, the space in which you live, and upon the direction and destiny of your life. Linga Bhairavi graced our home last month and it’s my pleasure and honor to make her available to our entire community.


Linga Bhairavi Yantra



For those who wish to connect with Linga Bhairavi, we will be doing a simple but powerful Navratri sadhana to experience Devi’s Grace at home. We invite you to do Navratri Sadhana on any one, more or all of the 9 nine days in our home. 

Please read below for more details of navratri sadhana schedule and RSVP if you are willing to attend any of the evenings.