Frequently Asked Questions about our soap

Q: What is Ayurveda soap?

 ➤ Ayurveda soap is a type of soap that is made using traditional Ayurvedic principles, methods and 100% natural ingredients and herbs. It is formulated to promote holistic well-being and balance in the body and mind.

Q: What are the benefits of using our Pure Mitti soaps?

➤ Pure Mitti soaps are Ayurvedic in nature made of fresh ancient herbs offering a range of benefits. Herbs having natural anti-bacterial antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, the soaps help cleanse and purify the skin, nourish and moisturize, promote relaxation, balance skin conditions, and providing whole body wellness. The specific benefits vary depending on the ingredients used in the soap.

Q: Is Pure Mitti soaps suitable for all skin types?

➤ Yes, our soaps Neem, Turmeric and Tulsi are formulated for all skin types especially for sensitive skin and can be perfect for kids and adults. Made of just organic coconut oil, castor oil and fresh herbs, you cannot get anything more natural than this to help your skin flourish.

Q: How are Pure Mitti Ayurvedic soaps made?

At Pure Mitti, we embrace the traditional ayurvedic methods of infusing and cooking herbs in fresh oils for several weeks. This process allows us to create a potent concoction where the properties of the herbs seep into the oils, ensuring their maximum effectiveness.
Our goal is to offer our community the experience of using fresh herbs on their skin, allowing them to feel the magic and benefits firsthand. We believe in taking a step back to ancient times without compromising convenience.
That's why, here at Pure Mitti, we have carefully formulated our bars to provide the best of both worlds. Our products embody the wisdom of ancient times, combined with the modern desire for convenience and effectiveness.

Q: What are the key ingredients in Ayurveda soaps?

➤ Ayurveda soaps often contain natural ingredients such as herbs, botanical extracts, essential oils, and Ayurvedic formulations. Common ingredients include neem, tulsi (holy basil),  turmeric, vetiver, brahmi, and various oils like coconut oil, castor oil and seasme oil.

Q: Can Pure Mitti soaps help with specific skin conditions?

➤ Pure Mitti soaps follow traditional Ayurvedic methods, harnessing the power of natural ingredients to address various skin conditions. Our range offers specific benefits tailored to different concerns.
For acne or bacterial issues, our neem-based soaps are an excellent choice. Neem's antibacterial properties combat acne-causing bacteria, promoting clearer skin.
Concerned about aging? Try our tulsi soaps. Tulsi (holy basil) possesses anti-aging properties, rejuvenating the skin for a radiant, youthful appearance.
Turmeric, known as the elixir of life, is a key ingredient in our soaps. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties effectively prevent acne and brighten the skin.
At Pure Mitti, we understand unique skincare needs. That's why we offer a variety of soaps with targeted ingredients for specific concerns. Experience the benefits of Ayurvedic skincare tailored to you

Q: Are Pure Mitti soaps conditioning and moisturizing?

Our soaps are meticulously crafted to meet the needs of our community thriving in American weather conditions. They are not just ordinary soaps – they are extraordinary body bars that provide unparalleled conditioning and moisturization. In fact, our soap is so nourishing that after using it for a shower, you won't even need to apply a separate moisturizer. Experience the ultimate hydration and care with Pure Mitti soaps

Q: How do I incorporate Ayurveda soaps into my skincare routine?

➤ Ayurveda soaps can be used like regular soap during your daily bathing routine. All our soaps are good for face & body. Simply lather the soap in your hands or on a washcloth, apply it to your face & body, and rinse thoroughly. Using them on a daily basis you will see tremendous difference to your skin.

Q: How natural is Pure Mitti bars?

➤  At Pure Mitti, we have a deep commitment to natural skincare and the use of pure ingredients for your skin and hair. Our soap bars consist of only three essential elements: organic virgin coconut oil, castor oil, and fresh herbs. We prioritize a clean and minimalist approach, ensuring that our products are free from additives, preservatives, colorants, sulphates, and parabens.
Experience the power of nature with our herb-infused soap bars, providing a truly natural and toxin-free skincare solution. Choose Pure Mitti for an authentic and wholesome skincare experience.