Eco friendly non toxic laundry solution- SOAP NUTS

Eco friendly non toxic laundry solution- SOAP NUTS

We have the most natural solution to your laundry woes, and it’s inexpensive too - it’s nature’s miracle berry, SOAP NUTS

I have seen my great grandmother use these soapberries, which she used to call “SOAPKAI” ( in Tamil, an Indian native language) to make her soap nut laundry solution. At the time, I used to think she was really old fashioned by refusing to adapt to modern methods. Despite much persuasion, she still stuck to her ways of washing her hair and clothes with Soap nuts.

So, what are soap nuts or we call them miracle berries?

Soap nuts or Sapindus Mukkorossi ( its original botanical name) is a berry that grows on trees, native to India and Nepal found in Eastern and western hemispheres. Nature has provided us ways to clean ourselves.

The berry   has a   natural   detergent or   Saponin   and   when the  nut   shell   absorbs   water,   the saponin is released creating a soaping effect with lather that circulates as a natural surfactant freeing clothing from dirt, grime and oils. Saponin is 100% natural and biodegradable, making it an excellent alternative to chemical laundry detergent recipes!


All this sounds too good to be true isn’t it. But I still have vivid memories of my great grandmother diligently make her soap nut laundry solution every morning to wash her clothes. 

But as a kid, mesmerized by the glamour around huge amounts of white lather and extra bleach to wash clothes, I was ignorant about the destruction these chemicals were causing ourselves and the environment.

But these guys actually work. They leave little to no scent, light lather but they clean your clothes effectively in the most natural way. Soapnuts are a real gift from nature and we can't help but love what they bring to the table. They can quite literally replace four or five synthetic chemicals by this one biodegradable, natural disinfectant soap solution. Now that's just amazing! 




Why SOAP NUTS now?

You must be thinking why am I talking about it now when I knew about it all along and did not take to this methodology.

Well I was brainwashed by the chemical wave and rode that wave and it dawned on me when I was faced with skin eczema.

Soap Nuts are not only non toxic but sustainable option too in the sense there are no waste products. Many natural laundry solutions you find in the market claim that they are natural but indeed adding and sulphate, or borax does not make it entirely natural. Also they tend to leave waste products. Soap Nut is the only solution that is 100% compatible after use.

Here at Pure Mitti, we always strive to bring out the most effective solution available from nature but at the same time, we make our solutions as easy as possible for our customers. Like my great grandmother, you don’t have to make your soap nuts solution for every laundry load. Instead, Pure Mitti has introduced an effective easy solution,- a muslin bag to do all the trick.

They don’t give too much lather, so they are great for front loader and HE machines and they don’t leave residue. Another huge advantage is that they are extremely affordable. A handful of nuts can be reused many times before they are thrown away for composting. As they are so gentle and natural, a great solution for babies- People Friendly. Planet Friendly.

How to use Pure Mitti’s Soap Nuts for Laundry?

Our soapnuts laundry solution comes with a jute sack of soap nuts and a small muslin bag to do the magic.

  • Throw in a few Soap nuts- about 5 to 6 for one full load and about 3 to 4 for a half load, in Pure Mitt’s small muslin bag and tie a tight knot.
  • Place the bag in the washer on top of the clothes and run the cycle.
  • Wash as usual with cold, warm or hot water. After washing, remove the bag and let it dry.

Soap Nuts may be re-used several times until the shells start to become soft and grey, and then they should be composted.


How to reduce waste using SOAP NUTS?

You can reuse the soap nuts till the shells become soft and grey, and then they can be composted.

The water used for the washing can be used for the plants in your garden( if you have any) or for the soil on the ground. Since the water just has been infused with soap nuts, offers as a great pest repellent for your garden bugs and nourishes the soil.

If the water after washing goes to a central collected duct, you need not worry, it cleans the water ways and helps aquatic life thrive when it gets released into the main rivers.

Not only does it clean the water ways, the water also cleans the washer preventing it from rust and eroding, and cleanses the water ducts too.

Isn’t this truly a miracle berry? Just as a laundry detergent soap nuts truly gives a natural clean laundry in no time!

Is Soap Nuts only used for laundry?

Not at all. This is just the beginning. Soap Nuts can be used to make a liquid cleaner, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, hair shampoo and a dishwash cleaner. Stay tuned as we will be uncovering its charm through all these uses.


Why is the Soap Nuts liquid brown in color?

Don't get scared by the brown color of the solution! Since it is a washing nut and natural it generates the brown color. It is an extremely good cleanser and will not stain your clothes!

Is Soap Nuts the only eco solution for laundry?

Soap Nuts is one the main eco friendly waste free solution given to us by nature in the Indian sub-continent. Even large parts of Africa used to use these Soap berries for washing their clothes. In South America, Soap bark tree is known as the best alternative for soap.

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