Full Moon Meditations- Jan 5th

We invite you and your family to celebrate Linga Bhairavi Pournami Pooja, night of full moon in our new home. Devi Pooja happens every full moon night-  A celebration of the full moon and the divine feminine. 

 Being the start of the New Year, we will doing an hour of the chant. 

What is the significance of Pournami? 

About the Puja:

Pournami Puja would typically last between 50min- 1hr. You can participate by chanting along with Sadhguru  or just sit silently. Anyone is welcome to attend this Meditation/Chanting. 

You are welcome to sit for as long as you want, after the chant is over. 

How do Mantras work? 

What chanting a Mantra can do to you?


85 Berkeley Circle, Basking Ridge NJ 07920

Date: Jan 5th 2023

Time: 6.10pm - 8.00pm


- Guru pooja ( please arrive by 6.00pm if you plan to attend Guru Puja)

- Presence time 

- Guru Paduka Stotram

- Linga Bhairavi Aarti

- Ling Bhairavi Stuti (11 times) 

- Jaago Bhairavi

- Bhairavi Prarthana

- Devi Abhishekam 

- Linga Bhairavi Aarti

- Prasad



No gifts No money as offering

If you would like to offer any offerings such as food or flowers for devi, you may do so. During the chant, you may chant along with Sadhguru or sit with your eyes closed. Please maintain absolute silence during the entire pooja. Once the chant is over, you can continue to sit for as long as you want.

If you would like to attend please RSVP below.

If you can attend only for a short while, please do ensure you atleast attend for 3 cycles of the Bhairavi stuti and you can quietly leave.