This is the Perfect Reusable Shopping Bag: Here’s Why

This is the Perfect Reusable Shopping Bag: Here’s Why

We’ve all been there: after finally finding the perfect tote-- cheap, large, eco-friendly, and durable-- we can’t wait to use it! But soon, our perfect new bag becomes a nuisance as our important items pile on top of each other and get all jumbled up. 

Everytime we want to do grocery shopping from a store or pick up art supplies from an art store, it becomes a nightmare to walk out of the store carrying zillion plastic bags of produce or art supplies.

Too many plastic bags for grocery shopping


Our Solution

 Pure Mitti has the solution for all of the above: an eco-friendly, sturdy, and cheap reusable grocery bag that comes with as many as six pockets so your items can stay organized right from the get-go! No more plastic waste, no more messy piles, and no more nightmares walking out of a shopping store. 

Pure Mitti multipocket reusable bag

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This wholesale tote bag comes in two variations to provide you with the option of having four pouches or six deep pouches to segregate your produce. Pure Mitti’s multi-pocketed, foldable shopper bag makes the perfect accessory for a trip to the farmer’s market, mall, or simply as storage! Its beige, canvas color provides a natural feel and texture that you can feel good about. For your next trip to the farmer’s market, choose from one of two options for a fun grocery backpack: four large pouches with cotton lining on the base of the tote ($16) or six pouches without the inner cotton lining ($14). Both options provide high-quality, durable alternatives to plastic or otherwise unsustainably produced shopping cart bags.


The Process



Made of sturdy, thick material, the tote’s unbleached cotton is sourced directly from farms where they are cultivated sustainably using environmental friendly methods. Next, we work with over a dozen different women artisans along with their families in rural India to delicately craft our collection. These women from disadvantaged and underserved communities are inspired to share their natural way of life, creativity, and craftsmanship with the world.

All proceeds from the sale of this cloth grocery bag go towards bettering their economical and living conditions! Every purchase from Pure Mitti serves as a clean, effective solution to support these farmers and rural artisans as well as a step towards eliminating plastic and toxic waste.

Meet Pure Mitti makers

Environmental Impacts


 Unsustainably produced bags have terrible impacts on the environment. The sheer impact of single-use plastic bags on the environment is frankly shocking: Americans use around 100 billion plastic bags in just one year, which means 12 million barrels of oil are used up to manufacture them.

Only 1 percent of these are returned for recycling, and the rest degrade over the next 500 years in landfills, where they continue to release toxins and pollute the atmosphere. Even if you attempt to recycle these bags, it may not matter! An article from Business Insider reveals that recycling equipment often fails to handle plastic grocery bags. Bags can get stuck on conveyor belts and wheels, clogging the equipment, and can drift from the rest of the trash. That’s why our sustainable alternative can go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint. 

The average American family brings home 1,500 plastic bags per year. Imagine how many bags you could save just by investing in our durable tote, which will help you avoid plastic bags for years to come! This extra-large (22-inch by 16-inch) plain tote bag effectively reduces plastic use by serving as a sustainable and reusable replacement for single-use plastic. 


Additionally, plastic bags have significant negative effects on animal life, particularly ocean life. The plastic tends to end up in the ocean, where it floats to the bottom and is encountered by a bunch of animals, such as sea turtles or dolphins, who often choke on, suffocate, or swallow the plastic. Obviously, you don’t want this to happen and a reusable shopping bag is the best alternative!


Benefits of Cloth Bags 


Plastic bags, in addition to their environmental impact, are far less cost-effective than reusable ones. Now, many countries charge for plastic bags. In America, many stores charge around five cents per bag-- a cost that can easily be avoided by investing in a long-lasting tote like ours.

Unlike any other reusable plastic bag which is simply made of thicker, denser plastic, this reusable bag made of unbleached cotton truly serves you for “a lifetime”. The denser plastic reusable bags that are popular now pose a larger problem than single use plastic bags as they are woven with fine plastic fibers which become microplastics that eventually enter our food chain through bioaccumulation. 

Eco friendly reusable bag


What Other Buyers Have to Say


Still doubtful about whether you should purchase? Listen to what buyers have to say! One buyer remarked, “Not only was this order here in my mailbox in the blink of an eye, but the quality far exceeded my expectations. This is such an outstanding value! The fabric is thick, the construction is solid, the size is ample, and the service was excellent.

I want everybody in my life to have these bags”. While this bag is popular for carrying produce, buyers have raved about its usefulness in storing a variety of items. It can be used to store diapers or other baby supplies, and its dividers make it a perfect gardening bag with space for all the tools you need to use. Pet supplies can easily be divided using this tote, as well as art supplies like paint and brushes.

If you own a dog under thirty pounds, chances are you could use some kind of bag to carry them around in. With dog carrying on the rise, a sturdy tote to carry your pet in is exactly what you’ve been looking for! More reviews can be found on our Etsy shop, linked below.


These days, there are so many options out there that even shopping for a simple shopping bag can feel like a chore. So we are here to make it simple: our bag is environmentally friendly, represents a great cause, and provides up to six deep, practical dividers so whatever you choose to use it for, you can stay organized! Join the many satisfied buyers by purchasing your bag at this link:


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