The Myth around Chemical free lifestyle – Can We Do It?

The Myth around Chemical free lifestyle – Can We Do It?

With new generations developing their own healthier more sustainable lifestyle choices, there are awkward and unsettling myths which are being drawn out between the cracks. Myths like these can confuse and push people away from trying a lifestyle that's genuinely better for them. Therefore, these Myths need to be busted, and what better myth to start with than the 'Chemical free' myth. 

To start off simple, being 'Toxic free' is believed to be either an impossible or unhealthy lifestyle to live. This is due to confusion of what it truly means to have a pure and non-toxic life. An individual can live more naturally, if they exchange products containing harmful chemicals with natural replacements.

However, we cannot remove all toxins from our life. For example, water and fruits possess natural chemicals which we consume to meet our basic needs. Even the oxygen we breathe is a chemical element. If you follow bad rumours and try to live 100% ‘No chemicals or toxins’ you will only cause one thing – death. So, we must make sure we use the right information to prevent endangering our health!


There are many reasons people want to try this lifestyle. It can improve health, support the environment or even act as a fun challenge. Yet, rumours give goods with natural materials a bad name. For all those people out there, who are desperate to lead a toxic free life but are unsure, we are here to help you. The important thing to understand is that you can live a healthy lifestyle whilst making use of the world’s natural chemicals.

A few generations ago, people were close to living toxic-free. For eg: Soap has always been handmade with natural ingredients. Handmade products give us a proper sense of cleaning effectively. One of the biggest myths with existing soaps is that more the foam, the better the cleaning. Industries have misled us into believing that as long as there is a strong aroma and white lather, the cleaning agent is working well. The modern industry has changed the true meaning of sanitizing. We use harsh chemicals to remove bacteria from our surfaces, but do our bodies really need the same treatment?

Are we doing more harm than good?

Even if we may not be able to remove toxins altogether, however, if previous generations have come close, we can too! There is no reason that good, natural health and chemicals need to be mutually exclusive. Instead of purchasing popular brands, think about buying alternative chemical-free products which are more ethical for the world. Living a non-toxic life is possible, and it can be easily done with a little bit of thought and a simple swap!

This natural change applies to anyone for anytime. With the current virus pandemic, people are bringing chemicals into their homes out of fear. When actually, natural products are equally as good at protecting our loved ones. Plants like Neem and Turmeric have been antiviral and anti-fungal agents for aeon’s now. Pure Mitti uses only natural ingredients in products, created and provided by mother earth herself. If you want to live a more natural lifestyle that is kind to the earth and its creations, Pure Mitti products are the way to go!

By Mia Khan

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