Reusable Bags- Draw String Collapsible Bag
Reusable Bags- Draw String Collapsible Bag

Reusable Bags- Draw String Collapsible Bag


It takes 10,000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of cotton. Isn’t it crazy then that so much cotton we produce get designated as textile waste and end up in landfills?

It broke our heart to see beautifully and painstakingly handcrafted Kalamkari (an ancient heritage hand block printing method) textiles ending up in factory dustbins. So, we collect the scraps and turn then into these gorgeous totes and bags. 

Kalamkari - A timeless art. 

This piece of cloth carries a mark of history. The word Kalamkari is a combination of two words where kalam stands for pen and kari means work depicting mythological tales and other art forms. The dainty strokes of this traditional Indian art date back to the Roman era from where the fragments of Kalamkari block-printing cloth were first found in the archaeological sites of Egypt. Later, the historical evidences further show that the Kalamkari art shreds of evidence were also extracted from Coromandel Coast in Andhra Pradesh back in the 13th and 14th century.  These prints are only made of vegetable and plant dyes with bamboo pen. 

Our rural artisans pick up these beautiful block printed fabrics from factory waste and give them another life. The bags are carefully handcrafted and are responsibly manufactured.

These collapsible bags are made to ensure that it always finds its home in our handbags when we step out. Small, easy to carry and collapse after its use and easy to wash as well.  One of the best solutions to eliminate plastic waste. 

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