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About Wild Ideas: 
The ‘Wild Ideas’ Rural Livelihood Project (started in June 2014) is a community-based cooperative of disadvantaged women established on a self sustaining model in rural Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India. These women are deeply motivated to stand on their own feet and find economic independence and have successfully done that despite their circumstances.
Wild Ideas initiative for women

On the ground, the co-operative is a vehicle for transformation with intent to positively touch the fabric of the community in the surrounding villages.  

 Through a series of planned Projects & Programs we’re journeying towards providing these highly disadvantaged women and their families’ better health, well being, stronger relationships & happiness.

These programs include

  • A Sponsorship Program for their children's’ education (Connecting rural children with individual urban sponsor
  • A Health, Wellness and Nutrition Program for the women (Free Health Check-ups, Insurance, Millet based diets, Workshops to aid self-expression and team bonding)
  • ​A Planned Savings Program 
  • Capacity Building so everyone knows how to run the business. Everyone takes on responsibilities learning to lead and follow. All aspects of the business are completely owned and run by the women themselves to ensure sustainability.
  • Skill building and training (for new product lines to enable growth)
  • A Debt Eradication Program for their families (Interest-Free Loans from a Rotating Loan Pot helps people emerge out of debt traps and build household assets. Loans are also leveraged to encourage positive change in the family when alcoholism or domestic violence are issues)



As we run these programs and learn about ways to have positive long lasting impact on the community’s well-being it is very clear that there needs to be further focus on children and youth. Keeping a broad focus on livelihood creation for the next generations of individuals in the community we aim to provide them support at three stages.


From Learning to Livelihoods

Young Learners : After School Program 

A program for children attending school or college who have had to struggle with bad teachers, inability to ask questions in school, and inability to finish their homework as their parents are uneducated. The program will provide kids with a space and a schedule with teachers and inspiring adults where learning is joyful and relevant.


Unemployed Graduates/Drop Outs: Skill Development Program for college going youth and drop-outs

A program for teenage rural boys and girls who have undergone school/college education but have ended up without jobs/livelihoods. Their education has left them with a certificate  without the knowledge on the subject or means to apply for a proper job. This situation eventually makes these "educated" boys and girls take to addictions like alcohol, drugs or end up in violence and humiliation.  

​The program will provide young adults with a space

and a schedule with teachers and workshops that will help bridge the gap between their formal learning and the needs of the market. These bridge programs would include Spoken English, Computer Literacy, and exposure/apprenticeship with professionals in varied fields of work. Obviously this program will evolve over time based on the needs of the community and the market.


Young Entrepreneurs: A Program to create local livelihood hubs

This program aims to support young men and women who have the ability and skill to start their own ventures but do not have the funds to do so. Usually they have no access to loans from the formal banking sector (the poor are not credit worthy). Thus we have talented youngsters who are just stuck waiting for help with initial investment to get started and employ themselves and others.