Sanitization starter kit


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With the advent of the global pandemonium, the world is at a standstill. We are trying to help with the situation by making these effective all natural non toxic best hand and dish sanitizers. 

Neem & Turmeric & our dishwash bars to cleanse your pots & pans would be an ideal choice at this time.

Neem hand wash & body wash Bar:

Made with the most natural and most earth-friendly ingredients- coconut oil and neem oil, they won’t strip your hands dry. Neem is a champion virus and bacteria killer and it’s got your back. Neem tree has been used as a medicinal plant for more than 4000 years and is very effective at this time.

Turmeric hand wash & body wash Bar: 

Turmeric is a plant that has a very long history of medicinal use, dating back nearly 4000 years. If you’re dithering on how to adopt this ageless ayurvedic ingredient into your own daily sanitizing routine, we’ve got your back. Hand-Made soap that revitalizes skin, naturally detoxifies, and resists bacteria. Our handcrafted soap, made with organic and sustainably sourced turmeric, will help you reap all the beauty benefits of this powerhouse ingredient. 

Dishwash Bar: 

Natural, Hand-Made Bar Soap with the cleaning power of peels, leaves and ash to clean your pots and pans. The soap nuts provides as a natural cleanser yet antibacterial, Orange Peels to have Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property, Tamarind Leaves - Helps provide the sparkle in dishes due to its acidic nature and Sikakai – Cleans, disinfects and removes oil very easily