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Pure Mitti

Vegetable Bags (Set of 5)

Vegetable Bags (Set of 5)

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Are you looking ways to cut down food waste and plastic waste. Switching to bulk produce ways is a great way to start eliminating plastic when picking up produce in grocery stores. This allows you to pick the quantities you actually want. 

Made from soft organic cotton cloth. Can also be used as bread bag or store veggies in the fridge. 

We sell in sets of 5: 

Large bag set  - 10"x12" ( 5 bags )
Medium Bags set- 9"x10" ( 5 bags each)
Small Bag - 9"x7" ( 5 bags each)
X-Small Bag - 6"x6" ( 5 bags each)                                                                          Multisize set - 10x12, 9x10, 9x7, 9x7, 6x6

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