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Daily Essentials

When we say #zerowaste we mean it. We are pained at the way the world keeps heaping trash in landfills, in oceans and in streets. Pure Mitti's mission is to cut down plastic and waste and we are introducing our collection of reusable bags as an alternative solution. 
Creation of textiles consumes vast quantities of natural resources, like water, oil and land. Unfortunately, millions of tonnes of textiles are discarded every year. Not only does this textile waste pollute our environment and clog landfills around the world, but the precious resources that went into making these textiles are wasted.
The women from disadvantaged communities bring back the trashed fabric back to life by giving it another chance. Pure Mitti's mission is to reduce waste be it fabric waste or plastic waste by replacing it with reusable bags. Support us and the planet in our journey of reducing unwanted waste