Eco lip care kit
Eco lip care kit
Eco lip care kit

Eco lip care kit


Celebrate the strongest bonds and most unconditional love out there with our lip balm bundle. 

Pure Mitti lip balms are a moisture rich having a luscious combination of natural butters, oils, fair trade beeswax and herb infused oils.  

Oranjot- Our unique naturally tinted lip balm. The herb Ratanjot gives a natural red color lightens the lips. Combined with natural oils and butters along with pure orange, clove essential oil blend gives it a warm spicy aroma and the butters hugs the lips so softly making it an excellent emollient and naturally moisturizing.

Lemon LimePure and organic ingredients such as beeswax, coconut oil, and fair trade mango butters are added to make this product pure, simple, and gentle yet effective for all ages and skin types with a refreshing citrus tingle of the Lemon lime essential oils

Unscented - For the non fussy plain ones. Keep it simple with just Kokum butter, edible oils and beeswax. 

Pick one of each or 3 of a kind. They come wrapped in a cute cotton patterned jute bag which can be reused later and will last you a lifetime. 

Size: 0.5 oz each 

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Ratanjot or Alkanet root, Kokum butter, Edible oils, Fair trade beeswax, Orange Clove essential oil blend

Ratanjot or Alkanet root is a plant that belongs to the Borage family. Ideally, this plant's roots produce a red coloring material which is used as a red dye. 

Kokum butter an excellent moisturizer and helps to heal dry and cracked skin

Edible oils including coconut oils is an excellent moisturizer with healing properties

Orange Clove Esssential Oil has antiseptic properties, giving a refreshing rejuvenating feeling

Ratanjot also called as Alkanna Tinctoria was commonly used by Kashmiri Pandits back in the 18th century to give a red tint color to their food. Ideally, this plant's roots produce a red coloring material which is used as a red dye.

It has many medicinal properties- anti-viral and anti-bacterial features. Was used as a face masks as it helps in color pigmentation thus acting as an anti wrinkle agent. of aging such as wrinkles and pigmentation

Kokum butter is an oil derived from the seeds of a fruit-bearing tree called the kokum tree primarily cultivated in tropical regions of India. Historically used in Ayurveda, Kokum butter is a gentle remedy to treat skin infections and  dead skin cells.  The pulp of the Kokum fruit is used as spice in various parts of India, especially in Kerala. It is a rich source of vitamin E making it an ideal ingredient in products related to skin and hair. 

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